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December 09

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IBC Vision Bannner


Welcome to the December/January edition of The Visionary.  I trust that you are going to have the most wonderful Christmas and New Year, filled with God’s blessing, a little rest and recreation for those on holiday, and a profitable time for those at work. May this season be free of tragedy for you and those close to you.

This has been another exciting year. We have been challenged, pressed, tested, seen blessings beyond our expectation, and filled with all that God has for us! We can only look forward with anticipation of more and better things to come.

In this edition we have “A Word from Ken” and “A Moment with Alison”, our mission’s update, college news, our honour roll for the last two months, and of course the Last Word.

Subject of the month is Discovery - learning the will of God.   Discovery

For information on starting a bible college in your church send us an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Headline News  Student Graduation Service

Please Keep This Date: On Saturday 16th of January, 2010, we will hold our combined Vision Colleges graduation service.

During 2009, 31 students graduated from one of our colleges. In January we come together for a formal celebration, and students will have an opportunity to meet Drs Stan, Ken and Alison, and the staff of the College, meet fellow students, make lasting friendships, networks and contacts.  Plan to be there and be a part of a great event. 

Our annual graduation is available to every student who can find a way to attend.  It does not matter when you graduated in 2009, even if you have already received your award you can still come and be a part of the graduation in January 2010 and be recognised among your peers for your achievement.

The graduation will be at the Extended Hands Church in Penrith, Saturday 16th of January, 2010 and will commence at 3:00 pm, followed by a celebration dinner. A formal invitation will be set to graduands with the location and cost by separate invitation.

A Word from Ken


Internet Bible College  Ken ChantText “When the Magi saw the star, they went wild with excitement!” (Mt 2:9-10)

The most-translated poem in the world was written in 1806 by a young English woman, Jane Taylor, who was only 23 at the time. It is Twinkle, twinkle, Little Star, how I wonder what you are!

One of the special boons of childhood is a sense of wonder – and a chief bane of adult life is the loss of wonder as we become grown-up, blasé and cynical. We Christians should never lose our sense of wonder, especially at this time of the year, for what is more wondrous than the story of the Saviour’s coming into this world?

Yet among the many astonishing things that happened on that holy occasion, nothing surpasses the miracle of the Star that blazed in the heavens, guiding the Magi to the Child. Was it a real star, a supernatural phenomenon, a meteor, a comet, a super nova? Was it seen by others, or only by the Magi? We cannot say, for the Bible does not tell us. Nor do any of the many suggestions that have been made about its nature and origin have much weight. But some things do shine clearly, and here is one of them – the wonder of God’s control.

Despite appearances, the Star shows that God is still in control! That is sometimes hard to believe, when we face a world plagued by so many insoluble problems, when the world’s economy trembles on the brink of ruin, and when climate change seems to threaten our very existence on this planet.

But we need the perspective of the psalmist, who saw God laughing in heaven while the nations raged! (Ps 2:1-6) Let us learn how to laugh with God, for he knows what he is doing!

I watched the TV programme Stephen Hawking’s Universe, which demonstrated the exquisite balance that exists in the universe. At precisely one minute after the Big Bang, the rate of acceleration of the expanding matter had to be accurate to the 15th decimal place (a decimal point followed by 15 numbers).

One point higher, and the expansion would have been too quick to allow the galaxies to form. One point slower, and the exploding gas would have fallen back onto itself before the universe could coalesce out of it!

Tyrants may scheme, empires may fall, but our God reigns!

The Year In Brief

We began the year with a new level of accreditation with VETAB and two new awards: the Post Graduate Certificate and Diploma. And from that point it has been a hectic rush through the year. 

This year we have growth in all areas of the college ministry:  individual students, local church Bible Colleges (Resource Centres) and our missions programme.  Overall I am delighted to see the way God has blessed our efforts.  This year our new enrolments and re-enrolments in every area of studies have growth in Recognised as well as Accredited students.  Recognised undergraduate enrolments = 105; Accredited undergraduate enrolments 34; Degree enrolments 7; Graduate Studies 2.  These students joined our existing student body  during the last year 2009. 

We now have local church Bible Colleges (Resource Centres) in NSW, Qld, Victoria, Western Australia, and South Australia from a wide variety of churches, including the C.R.C. Churches, Foursquare Churches, Christian City Church, Independent Churches, Assemblies of God, Destiny, Crosslinks,  Southern Lights and Agape Churches, and Living Stone. Interest in our programs continues to grow from each state, an interest that is continuing, steady and constant. Pray for churches from the Northern Territory and Tasmania to come on board too.

For the mission field, we have had an exciting time. I had the joy of going to Nepal where we have started three new colleges: two in Kathmandu and one in Jiri – the “Gateway to the Everest”.  I had wanted to present details of that trip in this newsletter, but I realise it will require a separate letter.  We have sent Ian Trail, our man in China, to Mongolia and contacts and interest have been established there.  In India we have started a new Centre, and we will be starting a pilot project next February with another teaching organisation.

Through the Internet Bible College we have individual students from all over the country and from some 50 other nations.  All in all it has been big year and more is yet to come.

Your prayers for us have been a major source of strength and encouragement to us here in the office.  The list of achievements looks impressive and indeed it is, yet we simply plug on, day after day doing the best we can, sometimes with great stress and sometimes with a great sense of satisfaction in Christ.

Student Honour Roll

For the months of October and November the following students graduated with their awards. They have all done very well indeed and we do salute each and every one of them. We have a clear and certain knowledge that what you have learned will make a significant difference to your life and to the lives of those around you.  Your award is not a final goal; it is recognition of your effort, your training, and your commitment. Now we pray for fruit to follow closely your ongoing labour in Christ.  Well done … good and faithful servants...

 Bashar Hanna Certificate in Biblical Study Georges Hal NSW
 Debbie McDonald Associate in Biblical Study St Andrews NSW
 Shane Doyle Certificate in Biblical Study Bundaberg QLD
 Jordan Chubb Diploma of Ministry Glenmore Park  NSW
 Adriene Chubb Diploma of Ministry Glenmore Park NSW
 Ian Traill Master of Theology Hunan China
 Wageh Soas Master of Theology  Revesby NSW
 Jean Lawson Associate in Biblical Studies Lithgow NSW

A Moment With Alison

A Christmas Faith

Internet Bible College Alison Chant“Faith is the unalterable conviction that certain things are true. It is the hope that has gone beyond hope and turned to certainty, even when the evidence and the facts seem all against it” (He 11:1 paraphrased).

God requires us to believe before we see and at the time of Jesus’ birth God required this kind of faith from many different people.

Of all the people surrounding the Christmas story Zechariah’s faith was the most feeble. Even though told by the angel Gabriel that his wife would bear a child in her old age he said, “How can I be sure of this? I am an old man and my wife is well along in years” (Lu 1:18). For his unbelief he was struck dumb until John’s birth, and this convinced him!

Mary was only about fifteen years of age when the angel Gabriel came to her with the message that she would bear the Son of God. Her faith was strong, she believed the message of the angel and placed her life in God’s hands when she said, “I am the Lord’s servant. May it be to me as you have said”(Lu 1:38).

God then gave her confirmation through Elizabeth who was already six months pregnant. Here was someone she could share with and they both overflowed with joyous prophetic utterances.

On her return to Nazareth, Mary told Joseph all that had happened and because he loved her he wanted to protect her. In Matthew 1:20 the Word says, “But after he had considered this...” Behind those few words we can imagine the agony of spirit that Joseph went through. The tortured emotions of a man in love, desiring the best for his sweetheart, but in an agony of indecision. Can he believe? That night God confirms to him in a dream that he is to take Mary as his wife. However, he is not to have relations with her until after the birth of Jesus. The truth of this dream is confirmed to Joseph when Mary finally gives birth to a son. “And he (Joseph) gave him the name Jesus” (Mt 1:25b).

The Magi too had to exercise their faith. They set out on their journey believing that the star they had seen in the sky would lead them to the king of the Jews they were seeking. Their faith must have been tried as they travelled many long weary miles through the desert. God confirmed their faith when they finally reached Bethlehem and saw the child and gave him their gifts.

We too will be blessed if we believe the promises we have been given. We look forward to that great day when Jesus comes to commend us for our believing faith! (Jn 20:29).

Trish’s Well Wishes

HIS LOVE ABOUNDS in us, through us, for his glory.

Through Christ we have a wonderful offer of redemption, available to all who accept Christ, making us perfect, without spot or blemish.  Consider then, that you are clothed in his splendour, wrapped in his love, redeemed, so that you can enter into the Holy of holies, making your, prayers and petitions known to God with thanksgiving.

How often do we find ourselves focusing on our spots and wrinkles, forgetting that God so loved the world that he sent his son into the world that whosoever believes in him may have everlasting life.   Christ removed our spots and wrinkles setting us free and placing us in right standing with God − you are redeemed, made whole and perfect, being clothed in his righteousness, standing in his presence and communicating with a holy and awesome God!

Be diligent in your studies and faithful to find ways to extend LOVE toward those whom God puts into your hands                  Trish Hart


Prayer Needs

Internet Bible College. Praying HandsKen and Alison as they continue to Pastor the church in Werrington, in addition to their College duties.

For the colleges here in Australia: for an enlarged student body and for more local church Bible Colleges

The mission work in Nepal, Papua New Guinea, Myanmar, China, India, and for a new field in Mongolia.

We need help in promoting the colleges locally and Internationally

The Word Christian Fellowship which is our own church.  

The Last Word

Internet Bible College Denis PlantSo, the Lord Himself shall give you a sign. Behold, the virgin will conceive and shall bring forth a son, and they shall call His name Immanuel.  (Isa 7:14 MKJV)

And it is so ... God is indeed with us as we are indeed with him.  For you I pray that this Christmas season will be most excellent, that your relationship with Jesus and your fellow man will blossom, that your travel and that of your loved ones will be blessed and safe… and that no tragedy should touch your life at this time.

I pray that the joy and wonder of Christmas will be your personal experience and pleasure, and in his own way that God will touch your life in exactly the measure of blessing you need.

I look forward to serving you in the colleges next year.            Pastor Denis

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