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February 2009

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IBC Vision Bannner


Welcome to the February 2009 Edition of The Visionary. This is our first edition for the New Year and the first thing I want to do is thank the team that work with me. Steve, Trish who work in the office and Rosalind my wife. 

Steve is the wonderfully patient and wise friend who is always there when I need him.  He produces the books and has an increasing role in the development of materials and largely looks after the place.

Trish his wife who is the Registrar of the Colleges and looks after the accounts for us, she is the friendly voice of Vision to students, encouraging all and helping to make the Colleges successful.

Then Rosalind my wife, ever patient and encouraging she is the silent partner that every organisation needs to stay afloat, she is rather like the glue that holds us together.

To all of you I can only say thank you for all you did and continue to do.

2008, What a Year That Was!

Our Combined Graduation Service

Our first combined graduation service was a wonderful success. We were delighted with the day and it was enjoyed by all who took part.   Our special thanks to Stan DeKoven who made a return journey on the day from Wagga Wagga just to take part in it, to Ken and Alison for their part and to Steve and Trish who worked so well to make it all a success and to our church The Word Christian Fellowship for the help in making the day the success is was.  

The ceremony was conducted at the Glenfield Community Hall followed by a dinner at the The Grange Country Club, all in all it was a most wonderful day for all. We are looking to repeat the event next year. 

During the year 48 students graduated and we honour them all later in this edition.


We have been successful in our reaccreditation and are delighted to inform you that we now offer the Certificate III and IV, Diploma, Advanced Diploma PLUS Graduate Certificate and Graduate Diploma of Christian Ministry and Theology.  This has been a major achievement for us but we have seen God’s hand of blessing helping us and guiding us through the process.  These all attract Austudy for eligible students.

To the very best of our understanding we are still unique as we are the only Bible College that is accredited specifically for distance education, and able to offer our ministry as we do.

We have photos below from the Graduation


We have 3 new colleges ready to start this year, one from Qld one from Western Australian and one from Sydney NSW from the efforts of last year’s labour.

Our existing student body grows and we have a dozen more new students already this year so we see our student body continuing to grow steadily.

Mission Field

Nepal.  We have opened out work in Nepal last year and a lot of work is needed to keep it going, I will have to go there this year to help them and strengthen the work there.

Myanmar we were able to raise $18,000.00 Australian dollars through Vision Australia and through the internet Bible College.  Funds came in from all around the world to help the churches in Myanmar and while all of our colleges were destroyed (they are essentially resources centres run out of homes) we have been able to restart our work after the devastation of the cyclone that did so much damage.   In eight years over 250 students have graduated and are now ministering in that nation, it is so important to continue this work.


We saw the work established late in 2007 consolidate and become a formal college in Pagadian under the oversight of the local ministry.  This is still a fledgling work and needs your prayers.

 A Word From Ken


Rev. Dr. Ken Chant One has to admire the honesty of the atheists who spent a fortune placing this slogan on British buses “There probably is no God.” If the absence of God is only “probable” then his presence is at least “possible”. So they take a fearful risk! What if they are wrong, and the Lord God truly does reign in heaven above? I am amazed at their temerity!

Perhaps we can’t prove absolutely that God does exist, but then, neither can they prove that he doesn’t. So here is a strange paradox. Atheists have nothing to gain from their atheism, except some kind of imagined freedom from the supposed tyranny of God, but everything to lose if they are wrong. Whereas we Christians have nothing to lose by our faith, except guilt, despair, and futility in this life, and everything to gain in Paradise if we are right.

One wonders, too, why atheists try to convert anyone? If there truly is no God, then it cannot possibly matter what people believe about religion. Without God, we all have precisely the same destiny death, oblivion, and annihilation. And what is more striking, we will never know it! The atheist will not be able to triumph over believers, because he and they will all perish without trace in the grave; and Christians will never be ashamed of being deluded, because they will die happy in their faith and never discover that they were wrong! But if God does exist, then everything is radically changed. Suddenly, death is not the end but only a new beginning, in which all of us will be called to account for our lives on earth.

On this matter of death, people often find it difficult to realise that, if there is no God, then death must eradicate all consciousness of any sort. We die and, like a crushed cockroach, at once disappear. The carcase remains, but (if God is a delusion) every particle of mind, thought, awareness, and self vanishes in the instant of death. But if there is a God, then consciousness will survive death, and we will certainly know the truth about heaven and hell.

But of course, for us Christians the matter is settled once and for all by the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ our Lord. These are matters of historical fact, and only the most obdurate ignoring of the evidence can allow people to evade the “many infallible proofs” (Ac 1:3, KJV) of the victory Christ gained over death and of the certainty of his return. We know he lives, because he lives within our hearts, the dynamic “hope of glory” (Col 1:27).

A Moment With Alison


 First and foremost God loves us and wants to have fellowship with us, but because he is a Holy God and cannot look upon sin, he Dr. Alsion Chant  cannot have that   friendship with us unless we are perfect as he is perfect. Be perfect... as your heavenly Father is perfect (Matthew 5:48).


Not one of us is perfect, neither can we be, because we have all sinned and therefore we are not eligible for heaven. “For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God” (Romans 3:23).

We can never be good enough by our own efforts, no matter how hard we try, so God has provided a way for us to be good enough and that way is through Jesus  He is the connection between us and God, the bridge over which we can cross to the Kingdom of God. “For God so loved the world he gave his one and only Son that whoever believes in him, shall not perish, but have eternal life” (John 3:16).


Once we have repented of our wrongdoing and accepted Jesus and his sacrifice for us God sees us as sinless and forgiven. When we reach this place God have sweet fellowship and friendship with us. Jesus said, “Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with him, and he with me” (Revelation 3:20).                                                        (Extract: Cameos of Christ; Alison Chant)

Honour Roll 2008

Throughout the last year 48 students graduated with an Award from Vision.  As a distance education college many of our students come from places too distant to travel for a ceremony and, as we have no fixed start and finish date, students graduate at differing times throughout out the year and cannot wait an extended period to graduate.  Regardless of their graduation date or presence with us we honour all of our students as listed below, they are all members of the “Class of 2008.

While we have listed only names and awards our student body has come from most states in Australia, the USA, Japan, Singapore, Vietnam, Scotland, Taiwan and New Zealand.

Recognised Awards

Award in Biblical Studies

Debra Treiguts

Certificate in Biblical Studies

Shane McIlhagga
Joyce Lammerant
Dale Lawrence
Jiten  Mangal|
Debra Walters
Debbie McDonald
John Sillince
Ines (Vicky) Rivera
Anne Maxwell,
Donna Pappas  with Honours
Cherry Townsend  with Honours

Associate in Biblical Studies 

Ben Corneteg
Abraham Harb
Jordan Chubb
Adrienne  Chubb

Renee Ritchie
Myra Gentle
Elizabeth Troyer
Dianne Sharpe
Jean Lawson,
Michelle Gillette,
Jason Marshal,
Joan Elstone with Honours
Jillian Beacroft with

Diploma of Ministry

Ruth Ekwomadu
Daniel Dubbeld
Anne Georgiardis
Gary Little

Diploma of Theology

Martin Gys
Sammy watt
Linda Garner
Helen Leek
Fraser Ogsten

Mary Hardiman
Martin Becket

Accredited Awards

Certificate III in Christian Ministry

Valma Dean
Rhonda  Dittrich

Certificate IV in Christian Ministry

Mathew Byfield
Veronica Ferguson
Andrew Miller
Maxwell Palmer
Valma Dean

Diploma of Christian Ministry

Julie Virtue


Holt David Bachelor of Theology
Kiew Cong Hong Bachelor of Theology
Karl Schulz Master of Theology
Denis Plant Doctor of Ministry

A Word from the Mission

Ian Trail, our man in China is with us and has offered this report.

“Our Web page, which has free bite size lessons, has developed from 3000 hits in the first year to now over 610,000 in 2008. We hope from this that many will develop a desire to study the Word of God and contact us for further study. One of our plans for the coming year is to develop the Vision College Section of our Web Page as to create more interest.

Over the last year we have seen development with Vision campus in nine different provinces in China with up to 100 students embarking upon the first year of study. This number in reduced to 10% for the second year with a few now doing year three. Many all called and few are chosen, out of the few, many are called and few are chosen.

The ones who study are found and approved for more. God is looking for those who will worship Him in Spirit and Truth.

Cicero once said, appealing to Julius Caesar in defence of the Republic of Roman, "The whole result of the entire war depends on the life of one most brave and excellent man".

Alexander the Great was one man and he conquered half the world or at the time most of the known world.

Hannibal crossed the Alps into Italy to defeat the Romans.

Chairman Mao led China into the new Republic.

Winston Churchill led England through it most difficult time in modern history.

Nelson Mandela led his nation in reform for the betterment of his fellow man.

What made them leaders was their STRONG BELIEF.

Some beliefs were good and some were bad, only the test history will proclaim their feats as good or not. We need to know what we believe and why!

God is looking for ONE good person!

The epiphany of one's Christian life is the marriage of the Spirit and Word. Don't be mistaken, that you can be one without the other, you are only deluding yourself. Don't live half of a Christian life because of fear. The fear of the other side of this teaching you don't like. Embrace both, while guarding against extremes. It is possible that those who have had a mystical or just a Word experience many only have been introduced to Jesus and they don't know him.

I don't like seeing all mystical with no Word. This is too fluffy, soft and spooky

I don't like seeing all Word with no mystical. This is too dry. Hard and Authoritarian

We started Traillblazer Ministries in China to reach the unsaved but we learned that the great need in this country was for teaching. We don't represent any overseas organization although we do use materials from Vision, we need to state this for our safety and draw attention the need to be wise. We need to point out under the present condition in China this type of program is run at great danger to the home leaders and Pastors, therefore please pray for them.

We must study the Word so the enemy can't steal away from us.”          In HIS hands  Ian Traill

The Last Word

Rev Dr. Denis Plant There is a change of sentiment of the body of Christ that has been growing, and I believe it is sowing seeds of discontent in the church among the saints.  When I was saved it was the norm for most Christians to spend every opportunity to be in church or fellowship or in activities to promote the Gospel.  Not so today.

There is a growing demand among Christians to resist that, even though the scripture urges us to remain in fellowship constantly with each other.I know times have changed.  The demands upon us and our time seem so much more pressing today than they were 20 years ago. It is true that the pressures of work, family, recreation, financial constraints really do impact upon us more today than ever before.  We run the risk of being left tired and discouraged to the point that church is a save haven of rest on Sunday to simply recharge.  But should that be the case.  Look with me for a moment to a couple of verses from Paul

 "I said, What shall I do, Lord?"—Act 22:10.

"Not that I have already obtained, or am already made perfect: but I press on  toward the goal."—Phi 3:12-14.

When the Apostle Paul was suddenly brought into the presence of the Lord, the whole course of his life was changed. In that flash of Light he saw the Saviour, and learnt that he was antagonising the purposes of redeeming grace.  That vision altered the whole of his purposes and actions. From that great hour he forgot the things that were behind, and endeavoured to apprehend that for which he had been apprehended by Christ Jesus. It was his ambition to build his life on the pattern shown him on the mount.

Note these two scriptures: “What shall I do” and then at the end of his life he declares “But I press on”.  Few can make such a statement as Paul did, and yet it is worth pondering.  Is your cry at the beginning of this year “Lord what shall I do”, do you continue to “press toward the mark”?

I confess there are times I feel the pressure of the load, the deadlines, the work, the demands of the calling all impinge on me and encroach into my life, but the other day I realised something.  It is not the Lord impinging on my life.  No.  Indeed it is my old life impinging on the work of grace and the presence of the Holy Spirit in me. 

Paul’s life was changed dramatically.  Our life should be changed also, perhaps not as dramatic as Paul but changed none the less.  I am not my own.  I have been bought with a price.

There are many “wise sounding voices” telling us that we should take time for this and time for that.  We should be balanced.  For balanced read “do less, leave room for others”.  But if the declaration of “balance” in our lives is being presented to the exclusion of the work of Gospel or fellowship with the saints then it is time to look afresh and realise that we are listening to the wrong voice.  My heart cry ought to be “What shall I do” instead of the oft cry “what about what I want to do”.

We have a race to run and as we run our race we need refreshing so we can stay the course.  We may indeed become weary but let us not REMAIN weary, but find a way, like Paul to cry  I continue to press toward the mark” that is set for us.  Let is both encourage one another to not to be weary, to “lift up Holy Hands” to embrace and to receive the encouragement of others as we embrace the refreshing of the Holy Spirit working through us. 

How do we do that?  Well it is a corporate effort,  encouraging one another, of allowing ourselves to be encouraged, of taking responsibility…  and in the end preferably before I am tired, or hurt, or run down...  bringing the matter to Jesus and allowing Him to encourage, refresh and strengthen us as only He can.

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