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Learn Online

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An Overview

When you enrol into the Internet Bible College we send your text book and assignment to you in .PDF format by email.  Your should save the files onto your hard-disk so you can read and print the book and assignments.  You will need the Adobe Reader, it is a free download from Adobe.

You can communicate with us by This e-mail address is being protected from spambots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it , fax or phone. We want you to know that you can contact us as often as you wish as we are as close to you as these options.

We recommend that you read the text 3 times, the first time is to familiarise yourself with the subject. Simply scan read the subject do not study or mark the text, this reading is to familiarise yourself with the subject. The second time you should read the text carefully study and check references to understand the subject. Our assignment are open book so the third time you go through the text you do so with the assignment looking for answers.

When you have completed the assignment you send it to us by This e-mail address is being protected from spambots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it . We will mark the assignment and send your results to you as soon as we can along with any corrections. As it is an open book test and the pass mark is 70%. Should you fail you will are allowed one attempt without further cost, after that a fee applies for additional attempts to complete the assignment. You can order your next subject as soon as you send your assignment to us or wait until you get your results.

We prefer to allow you to select your own subject from our study streams, see "Curriculum" for details, in this way you are able to select subjects that are of particular interest or, of ministry benefit or a subject that meets a particular need. The greatest benefit of this process is that you are studying subjects that are of greater value to you rather than simply fulfilling a Curriculum requirement. However if you prefer we will select your subjects for you.

Each new subject you select should be taken from a different study stream, by selecting one subject at a time, in rotation from the streams, you will be certain to achieve a depth and balance of study that will satisfy your needs n ministry development and as a student.

We are able to exercise such flexibility because we are a points based system. Each subject that is completed at a passing grade is worth 3 credit points and you accrue points as you go. When you have 30 credit points you receive your award and enrol into the next level.

This process of ordering, study, send completes assignment to the college and re-order continues until you complete your required level of study.

We have no time frame, thus allowing you to study at your own pace in the environment that allows you to learn best. With the Internet Bible College you do not need to leave your ministry to study, you remain in your place of worship while you develop your skills, you do not need to leave your family or employment to gain your recognition.

For those in ministry who need to continue study the Internet Bible College offers the most flexible and authentic study option available.

Awards offered by correspondence include the following:

Recognised Awards:

  1. Certificate in Biblical Studies
  2. Associate in Biblical Studies
  3. Diploma in Ministry
  4. Diploma in Biblical Theology

Pastoral Enrichment program

  1. Certificate in Christian Counselling: "Biblical Inner Healing"
  2. Certificate in Christian Counselling: "Crisis Counselling"
  3. Certificate in Christian Counselling: "Counselling Ministry and Family Violence"
  4. Certificate in Christian Counselling: "Dazzling Secrets for Despondent Saints"
  5. Certificate in Christian Counselling: "Dysfunctional Family I Want To Be Like You Dad"
  6. Certificate in Christian Counselling: "Healing Community The"
  7. Certificate in Christian Counselling: "Human Development - A Biblical Perspective"
  8. Certificate in Christian Counselling: "Journey Into Wholeness" plus "Forty Days"
  9. Certificate in Christian Counselling: Marriage & Family I "Marriage & Family Life"
  10. Certificate in Christian Counselling: Marriage & Family II "Parenting on Purpose"
  11. Certificate in Christian Counselling: "Pastoral Leadership - In The Eye Of The Storm"
  12. Certificate in Christian Counselling: "Substance Abuse"

Accredited Undergraduate Awards:

  1. Certificate III in Christian Ministry and Theology
  2. Certificate IV in Christian Ministry and Theology
  3. Diploma of Christian Ministry and Theology
  4. Advanced Diploma of Christian Ministry and Theology

Accredited Post Graduate Awards

  1. Graduate Certificate of Christian Ministry and Theology
  2. Graduate Diploma of Christian Ministry and Theology

Degree Programs

  1. Bachelors Completion
  2. Masters Degree

The Internet Bible College is a ministry dedicated to offering the best study options to as wide a fields of students at the most affordable prices while offering legitimate pastoral care to the student body. We will continue to offer this ministry from this perspective regardless of the technology employed to make our mission possible...


The vision of Vision

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