Vision Internet Bible College offers legitimate Recognised and Accredited Study programs.

With over 100 subjects to choose from we can offer a range and depth of study material that is unavailable to most colleges. No other College offers students the ability to select the study options of their choice while developing their ministry needs as Vision Internet Bible College

With Vision Internet Bible College you can be sure that there are options available to meet your study needs, from a single subject study to a Certificate or to Diploma’s and Degrees in Accredited or Recognised award options.

There are legitimate pathways to Degrees with all our options but above all of this you can be assured that when you study with Vision Internet Bible College you are being prepared for ministry locally to anywhere in the world from the heart of men and women with a heart for your ministry to be fruitful.

Our options in Foundation studies, Doctrine, Christian Life, Counselling, Missions, Biblical or Church studies are built around the heartbeat of preparing men and women for the work and ministry of God.

The practical ministry training options in our accredited programs will establish the professional skills you will need for effective ministry in our dynamic and ever changing world of this 21st Century.