The studies undertaken through the Vision Internet Bible College are the same as those undertaken with Vision Christian College's and Vision International College's distance education program or with Vision International University. The difference is the medium through which the courses are delivered.

Through Vision Christian College and Vision International College subjects are provided to the student through the regular mail services. The student receives their study and assignment material in book form.

This option is ideal for those students who do not have access to the Internet or who prefer to work by distance education through the mail service and are unable, or do not wish, to attend a traditional college.

All of the study options of the Internet Bible College are available through the Vision Christian Collegeand Vision International College. The courses are provided through the regular mail service. Students may order and submit student correspondence through the mail or by Internet

Awards offered by correspondence include the following:

Recognised Awards:

  1. Certificate in Biblical Studies
  2. Associate in Biblical Studies
  3. Diploma in Ministry
  4. Diploma in Biblical Theology

Accredited Awards:

  1. Certificate III in Theology or Christian Ministry
  2. Certificate IV in Theology or Christian Ministry
  3. Diploma of Theology or Christian Ministry
  4. Advanced Diploma of Theology or Christian Ministry

Degree Programs:

  1. Bachelors Completion
  2. Masters Degree