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Bachelor's Completion

We are so pleased to offer Degree Programs from our sister university Vision International University . We offer a Bachelors Completion and Degree programs in various emphases to qualifying students. Specific details of these programs are available in the "Curriculum" pages, this page is a general overview only.

The program requires a prerequisite of at least 120 credit hours in Bible, Theology, Ministry studies, and General Education from a recognised college or university.

To complete the Bachelor of Theological Studies program, a student must:

  1. Complete the Diploma of Theology with Vision Internet Bible College or Vision Christian College, or equivalent institution, or
  2. Complete of the Advanced Diploma of Theology or Christian Ministry with Vision International College or other recognised institution.

To apply for the Degree Application form, of if you would like more details about the program send an email to Vision Internet Bible College.

For purposes of admission and transfer to Vision International University, a “recognised college or university” includes schools approved by a U.S. State, or accredited by an accrediting body that is approved either by C.H.E.A. or the U.S. Department of Education. Institutions outside the United States must meet comparable standards through an approved transcript evaluation service.

Bachelor of Theological Studies (B.T.S.)

The Bachelor of Theological Studies in Christian Ministry (Integrated Studies) is designed to provide the student with a broad understanding of vocational Christian Ministry in the context of the local church. The program incorporates courses from the emphasis areas. Students who need additional credit hours to meet the degree program requirements may select courses from the emphases areas of the Bachelor of Theological Studies in Christian Ministry program or from General Education courses.

Available Emphases:

  • Biblical Studies
  • Theology
  • Christian Counselling
  • Christian Education
  • Inter-cultural Studies
  • Leadership

Master of Theological Studies (M.T.S.) Purpose

The Master of Theological Studies provide for an extensive, advanced education in a specialised area of Christian ministry. Each is a 36 credit hour program which integrates theological education and professional courses. The Master of Theological Studies may serve as the foundation of the Master of Divinity, which is an academic degree, it is a 90 credit hour program. These programs are especially suited for students desiring to continue on towards doctoral preparation.

All of the University Master’s programs are viewed as complete programs. However, transfer of credit may be allowed (up to 6 credits) if course offerings from other institutions are substantially equivalent to the program of Vision and are recognised by C.H.E.A. or a foreign equivalent. There are no modifications of the basic program listed here without specific permission of the University.


  • To provide advanced knowledge and understanding of the Bible and the relationship of scripture and the applied discipline.
  • To provide knowledge and skills in effective, professional ministry in the area of specialisation.
  • To provide academic and professional training equal to programs required for advanced vocational placement.

Available Emphases:

  • Theology

Details of these programs are available in the "Curriculum" pages.


For a listing of the fee structure go to the following link Degree Fee Structure

How to enrol into the Degree Programs

To enrol into the Master of Theology you will need to download the Degree Application form and submit it with the appropriate fees, as outlines on the form to our office along with relevant evidences such as your academic transcripts and resume or portfolio.

We will accept a photocopies or scanned copy of your academic transcript FOR THE PURPOSE OF ASSESSMENT ONLY, however we will require an original copy of your transcript before you can graduate with your degree.  If there are any problems with this you will need to discuss this with the principal at the commencement of your course.

Download the application form



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