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The Missions Student

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What is a Mission's Student ?

A Vision Internet Bible College Mission Student is a student whose fees are paid for by a personal sponsor, an organization (usually Christian) or through a scholarship with Vision Internet Bible College.

A missionaryBecause of this funding these students are able to complete their studies with Vision Internet Bible College, gain internationally recognized diplomas or degrees while involved in their ministry. These students are enabled to make a difference in their community and some go on to impact their nation. For many, without this help they could not achieve so much for God.

As we receive so many requests from Christians all over the world for free studies, the student is required to show that they are indeed legitimately in need of help. The student must be able to demonstrate and verify their need for Bible College training while being unable to provide their own tuition fees. As funds become available the "Missions Student" is enrolled into the College and the materials are provided without charge to the students.

Once enrolled the student is treated exactly the same as any other full fee paying student with the same academic requirements and opportunities as their full fee paying peers.

We have many missions students who come from developing countries such as India, Myanmar, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, Brazil, Puru, Kenya, South Africa, Papua New Guinea, Fiji, Thailand, Vietnam and China, Mongolia and many other countries.

We need, indeed we MUST expand the program. With your financial help we can.

The most exciting aspect of this program is that we are able to teach a student in their own environment and be a part of the development of their ministry.

They not need to learn a new language for they must be able to read English to undertake our studies. We do not pull the student away from their ministry or family or their work to attend a series of seminars as all of their work is by distance education. We do not spoil them for their own nation by bringing them to Australia but rather we prefer to assist them where they are, to learn in their own environment, to help their own people in their own cultural setting.

Mission StudentWhile the students study they are at the same time involved in reaching men and women for Jesus, building and developing churches and evangelizing often in places where no-one else can go and in the language of their own local culture. You can help them... you can be their partner!

How can you sponsor a Student?

There are three ways:

  1. You can simply send an email to us asking for more specific information on a student in particular nation or;

  2. You can simply send an email to us if you know someone who is in need of your support in their bible college training

  3. You can select this link Support a Student and go straight to our support form and complete the details of your support

You can make a donation for any amount to fully or partially support a student somewhere in the world. In the comments box you can indicate the nation or the student of your choice if you wish. Please note that 100% of all of our missions donations goes directly to the support of our missions students or colleges.

Support a Student Today

If you know a missionary in need of studies or a Christian who desires to undertake Bible College studies and you would like to pay their fees we will accept your fees for that student. We will advise you of the costs and you will be required to fill in the application form for the student's fees. The fees can be paid up-front or subject by subject as the student works through their studies.

In return we will send you their email address so that you can have free and open communication with the student. We will not interfere with or dictate any terms regarding your communication with the student. However our communication with you about the student will be made with strict regard to Australian Privacy Commission rules, that is, we will only be able to divulge to you what the student wishes us to tell you.

Please... help us to help a student TODAY


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