Bible College on a Disk


discsThrough the gift of sponsorship YOU can put a Bible College somewhere in the world where it is needed;

In the Pacific Islands, the South Americas or Asia, in the Middle East, Africa or in Eastern Europe, within the old Russian Federation or the sub-continent of India or in Pakistan in China or Mongolia you can place a college.

The College on a Disk is a collection of three discs that enable a complete bible college to be established in remote areas and on mission fields.

Through these discs our entire college program, a Christian library and an electronic bible and set of study tools are provided. They are sufficient to establish a high quality Bible College or school anywhere in the world and the same bible college subjects that a student would undertake in any developed nation.

The College on a Disk is set up to assist missions colleges in poorer third world or developing nations and is not available to the "developed" world.

The three discs contain:

Through your sponsorship you can place this Bible College into the hands of a missionary or pastor somewhere in the world where it is needed.

Where there is a mission field in need of a college you can step in and help them, where there are groups of people who want to know the word of God there is a cry for help.

Help us to put a college on the mission-field, to raise men and women of God in their own nation, in their own culture.

There are two ways that you can support a College:

You can simply send an email to us requesting more specific information about the College on a Disk for a specific mission field.

You can select this link to provide funds and nominate a country of interest to you, or simply allow us to fund a college somewhere in the world Missions Disc Help us, TODAY