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Bible College on a Disk

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discsThrough the gift of sponsorship YOU can put a Bible College somewhere in the world where it is needed;

In the Pacific Islands, the South Americas or Asia, in the Middle East, Africa or in Eastern Europe, within the old Russian Federation or the sub-continent of India or in Pakistan in China or Mongolia you can place a college.

The College on a Disk is a collection of three discs that enable a complete bible college to be established in remote areas and on mission fields.

Through these discs our entire college program, a Christian library and an electronic bible and set of study tools are provided. They are sufficient to establish a high quality Bible College or school anywhere in the world and the same bible college subjects that a student would undertake in any developed nation.

The College on a Disk is set up to assist missions colleges in poorer third world or developing nations and is not available to the "developed" world.

The three discs contain:

  • Disc 1: a complete set of over 90 subjects, with the answer keys and student helps in PDF format, the latest Adobe Reader, so that the files can be opened and printed out.
  • Disc 2: a complete Christian library of over 400 books, bibles, references, maps and study helps
  • Disc 3: a copy of Esword, an electronic bible and study program with the complete range of study aids English language bibles and as much as possible bibles in the language of the user.

Through your sponsorship you can place this Bible College into the hands of a missionary or pastor somewhere in the world where it is needed.

Where there is a mission field in need of a college you can step in and help them, where there are groups of people who want to know the word of God there is a cry for help.

Help us to put a college on the mission-field, to raise men and women of God in their own nation, in their own culture.

There are two ways that you can support a College:

You can simply send an email to us requesting more specific information about the College on a Disk for a specific mission field.

You can select this link to provide funds and nominate a country of interest to you, or simply allow us to fund a college somewhere in the world Missions Disc Help us, TODAY


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