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The Program

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The ProgramThe Process

Vision Internet Bible College is a Credit Points based bible college rather than being curriculum driven, this gives us a much greater flexibility with our programs and allow us to provide you with the ability to tailor your program to meet your needs.

Each subject completed at a passing grade is worth 3 credits.  Any subject in the Vision or Internet Bible College program can be applied to any level of study.  Each award is requires 30 credits, there for to earn an award a student must successfully complete 10 subjects.

The student will typically begin with the Certificate in Biblical Studies and progress through four levels of awards to the Diploma of Theology.

Vision awards are:

  • Certificate in Biblical Studies
  • Associate in Biblical Studies 
  • Diploma of Ministry
  • Diploma of Theology

Students may apply for advanced standing if they have completed prior studies or have been in ministry for some time, for details see "Advanced Standing" below.

Upon receipt of the enrolment form and payment we send the first subject and an introductory letter to the student along with the assignment options. All of our assignments are Open Book and designed to test the student’s understanding of the subject, not the student's memory.

At the time of enrolment the student requests their first subject, the default subject is "Dynamic Christian Foundations", and is taken from the Foundation Stream and is most suitable for new Christians, however the student may select an alternative subject if they wish.

Upon completion of the assignment the student submits their test papers to the College by email to," This e-mail address is being protected from spambots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it "  and it will be assessed as soon as possible, and the results returned to the student.

After completing their first subject the student self selects their next subject from one of the Streams of Study on the Recognised Menu.  Each subject should be selected from a different stream thus ensuring a balance of study while giving the student flexibility, there is no preferred order of stream, simply a requirement to alternate streams with each choice until such time as the student has accumulated sufficient points to earn their desired award. The streams are:

  1. Foundational Studies*,
  2. Biblical Studies,
  3. Church Studies,
  4. Counselling Studies**,
  5. Christian Life,
  6. Doctrinal Studies,
  7. Missions Studies
  8. General Education.
The awards from the recognised program are granted in the following manner.  Each award requires 30 credit Points and the points are cumulative as the student successfully completes subjects while the student is encouraged to self select from our streams (above) we will guide or advise if required.
  • Certificate in Biblical Studies (30 credit Points)
  • Associate in Biblical Studies (60 Credit points total)
  • Diploma of Ministry (90 Credit points)
  • Diploma of theology (120 Credit points)

For full details of the Awards go to Awards Offered

The cycle or ordering a subject, studying, returning the assignment for marking and re-ordering continues at the student’s own pace. By so doing they are undertaking subjects of greater interest and value as credit points are accumulated.

In addition to the three credit points a student can earn 1 extra credit point by writing an optional Essay with each subject or they can earn 2 extra credit point by completing an optional “Student Study Guide”. For details of these additional credit points options go to "Credit Points"

As each award is completed the student is asked to confirm their personal details. The student Award and Academic Transcript is posted to the student who may enter into the next award level.

Advanced Standing

If a student has completed prior studies with another college they may apply for Academic Credits transfer for advanced standing. The student will have to provide us with an academic transcript as evidence of prior studies. Students who have been involved in ministry for period of time may also apply for Life (Ministry) Skills credits to allow advanced standing in our programs. For complete details of advanced standing please go to: Credit Points

*Note: Foundational studies are not a required stream, they are ideal for a new Christian as they address foundational subjects. Only 1 foundational subject of the three options may be completed by the student due to the similarity of the subject matter.

**Note: Counselling studies can only be undertaken as a part of the counselling course and not until a student has completed the Diploma in Ministry or equivalent. The purpose of this condition is to ensure that a student who desires to undertake the Diploma in Counselling has sufficient and balanced understanding of the "Word of God" prior to undertaking this specialized course of study.


The vision of Vision

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